4.0MP Motorized IR Bullet Camera with True WDR≥120dB

Key Features
○ Smart IR Range up to 30m
○ Sharp, high quality, color images
○ Stunning bandwidth and storage efficiency
○ HDTV video quality up to 4.0MP


CB-BIS4028VI provides you a superior image quality – even at night. A day/night mechanical IR cut flter makes this camera ideal for applications with fluctuating lighting conditions, delivering color images during the day and automatically switching to monochrome as the scene darkens (ICR). The camera features back light compensation mode, that is used for enhancing objects in back-lit scenes. With the Auto Iris function, the camera can maintain the optimum light level to the image sensor so that images can be sharp, clear and correctly exposed with good contrast and resolution.

CB-BIS4028VI is ideal for 24/7 video surveillance, in exposed outdoor areas such as parking lots, service- stations and for general indoor surveillance purposes where a compact, metal designed camera is needed.

Image - High Resolution (CB-BIS4028VI_HR.jpg, 135 Kb) [Download]

Technical Datasheet (CB-BIS4028VI.pdf, 274 Kb) [Download]

Dimensions (CB-BIS4028VI.jpg, 27 Kb) [Download]

IP66 - IK10 Certificate (IP66-IK10_for_CB-BIS4028VI.pdf, 6,538 Kb) [Download]

CE Certificate (CE_for_Bullet_IP_cameras.pdf, 294 Kb) [Download]

Image_Low Resolution (CB-BIS4028VI_LR.jpg, 30 Kb) [Download]