Temperature Detection Thermal IP Camera

Key Features
Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer
○ Temperature detection
○ Effective Pixels 400×300
○ Sensitivity 50mK
○ 8/15/25/35/50mm lens optional
○ Infrared detection wavelength 8-14um
○ Support 8 areas temperature Detection
○ Support 17 color control
○ Support DVE image Enhance
○ Standalone operating

1132014 CB-BI08FT / 8mm
1132016 CB-BI15FT / 15mm
1132018 CB-BI25FT / 25mm
1132020 CB-BI35FT / 35mm
1132022 CB-BI50FT / 50mm

1132014 1132016 1132018 1132020 1132022

CB-BI850FT is a thermal IP camera carefully designed for demanding environments, where the highest level of security is required even at night (airports, warehouses etc). With high thermal sensitivity (<50mK) and “Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer” sensor technology, it can record the body temperature difference and, depending to its onboard lens, it can detect a human within 1.410m and a vehicle within 3.380m max. distance. Its 400x300 resolution enhances the image quality and the embedded Video Analytics can identify a perimeter intrusion, detect abandoned/removed objects, motion detection etc. Being water and dust resistant (IP66) and operational in extreme temperatures (-40°C ~ +60°C), this model ideal for outdoor use and challenging working conditions.

Image - High Resolution (CB-BI850FT_photo.png, 160 Kb) [Download]

Dimensions (CB-BI850FT_dim.jpg, 21 Kb) [Download]

Technical Datasheet (CB-BI850FT.pdf, 248 Kb) [Download]