Cubis Enterprise 36 Bays CBEN36B-128IP

Barebone System for Advanced IP Video Management

Key Features
○ Superior recording capability with the use of up to 36x10TB HDDs
○ Dual Μ.2 SSD disks
○ Hot swappable capabilities
○ Indiustrial Design


Your ultimate partner for large scale projects. With a robust and industrial design and with extreme effectiveness to all vertical security markets, Cubis Enterprise is your trusted partner for an absolute worry free security installations.

○ Maximum IP camera inputs up to 128
○ Controlled and configured locally or remotely by Cubis Software for unified user experience
○ Can be easily integrated with Cubis Software centralized monitoring platform
○ Event-driven parallel storage to Central Site

Cubis VMS - Free version for up to 8 channels
Mobile Clients
Cview - Mobile App for Android devices [Download]
Cview - Mobile App for iOS devices [Download]

Technical Datasheet (Cubis_Enterprise36.pdf, 384 Kb) [Download]

CE Certificate (cubitech_CE_Cubis_mini-stand-ent-extr.pdf, 75 Kb) [Download]