Cubis VMS v4.53.50

Changes in this version:

  • ANPR lists have been added. Users can create and edit lists, and ANPR events can be created which match lists. The user can create multiple lists and they can have any name, e.g. White, Black, Allowed, Disallowed, Student, Teacher, Staff, etc.
  • By default the ANPR plate text, owner name and list name are displayed on video and used to create searchable text events. The displayed text can be configured by the user to display whatever they want, e.g. "John Smith entered car park".
  • Results from the Search tab can be printed.
  • An alarm is displayed to users with details of automatically blocked sites
  • Users can manually un-block sites
  • Users can change settings for how sites are blocked
  • All information about blocked alarms is written to the alarms log
  • ANPR data has been added to alarms sent by TCP/IP socket
  • Alarms can be send with TCP/IP socket to Alarm Centers
  • A separate log file is created for program settings events
  • Details of alarms sent by TCP/IP socket are written to immix_log
  • Support added for ONVIF devices with multiple video sources

Please Follow the Link below to download the software:

64 bit

Client : Download

Server : Download

Central : Download