Matrix Keyboard

Suitable for effective controlling of any IP, Onvif certified, PTZ camera

Key Features

○ 3-joystick
○ Configuration screen
○ Network keyboard support ONVIF
○ Can control the Matrix like analog system (1 monitor+1 camera)
○ Multiple Users○ 2 years warranty


An integrated monitor system which is based on Matrix acquires different quantity of keyboards to offer some convenience for administrator’s operation. The PTZ controller is designed for controlling the Matrix. It’s major function is to control and manage the Matrix, such as the division of screen, screen splicing, image switching, preset set and call, keyboard lock, audio switch on/off. The Keyboard can control the Matrix directly and the functional operation can be displayed on the display interface (panels).

Technical Datasheet (Matrix_Keyboard.pdf, 101 Kb) [Download]

Matrix Keyboard Photo (keyboard.png, 489 Kb) [Download]